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Tech Support
  • With our cost effective Service Level Agreements, KaiTech can provide 24/7 support for a company's growing needs.

  •  The Service Level Agreements incur no hourly rate charges or individual costs per support request. All labor is included in a flat fee.

  • This gives businesses budget flexibility and the comfort knowing that certain complex issues can be tackled no matter the timeline.    

  • A lot of tech support issues can be resolved quickly by remotely accessing the employee machine to walk-thru the problem directly with the user. 
Help Desk
  • KaiTech offers free Help Desk software for clients who opt into our cost effective Service Level Agreements. This allows company employees to request technical assistance by opening a support ticket within the Help Desk system.

  • We will answer the ticket and provide assistance. Once the issue is resolved the support ticket is then closed.


  • Company managers will be able to run reports from this system to see all support tickets that were requested by their employees for auditing purposes.

  • Employees also get to view their own tickets to see how a previous issue was resolved. In some cases, they're able to resolve the issue themselves, thus eliminating downtime and increasing productivity.

Help Desk and Technical Support