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The IT industry is ever changing and evolving, requiring smart IT Consultants to keep on top of new technologies to share with their clients enabling them to run their business more efficiently. This allows clients to concentrate on their core functions and not worry about IT related issues and tasks.

KaiTech does not directly sell hardware or software. We recommend these products directly from the OEMs, vendors, and retailers at cost.

Some IT Consulting companies will add additional costs to these items as profit margins. Or steer you to products from vendors where they have reseller agreements in place in order to receive commissions, even though their solutions may not be the best option for your company. KaiTech is constantly evaluating products  and services. The landscape of the Tech industry changes rapidly. What was the best product 2 years ago may not be the best today.

We do not have reseller agreements with any vendors. The fees that are paid directly to us are Consulting and Labor fees. Our philosophy is to recommend the best products available to our clients and let them decide. Making the right choices upfront saves money and time in the long run, improves ROI, and prevents lost productivity.

KaiTech Systems, LLC was founded by Kelvin Weaver, a Senior Computer Systems Analyst who has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Illinois Tech University.

Kelvin has over 25 years of Fortune 500 Information Technology and Systems Analyst experience.

Our goal is to bring big business practices to small and medium companies. We're located in Lake Mary, Florida.

From Fortune 500 companies to small offices, Kelvin's experience runs the gamut from the Oil and Telecommunication industries to Healthcare Distributing and Clinical to SMB Offices.

He has designed and implemented numerous Computer Software applications, Systems and database conversions, as well as Network Infrastructure Architecture and Security.