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Hardware / Software Evaluation
  • KaiTech founder, Kelvin Weaver, has decades of experience analyzing and gathering requirements for clients. As a Fortune 500 consultant who has designed, programmed and installed numerous computer software application systems, he knows how to evaluate and recommend the necessary hardware and software products.  

  • We don't rely strictly on website reviews or how many "likes" a company has on Facebook. Some clients will base their IT decisions on what they overheard some other company uses, even though it doesn't fit their needs. Our criteria is to match the client requirements with the appropriate and most cost effective tools to get the job done.

  • Some of the products that we recommend to our clients, are actually used everyday at our own company. That's how much we stand by our analysis.             

Software Installation and Configuration
  • KaiTech will research and recommend the right software to fit the requirements of your company. We'll analyze the corporate technical needs and match it to a hardware/software solution that not only will be cost effective now, but also in the future.

  • In addition, we'll install, configure and test the software on all Servers and Workstations at the client site. Work can even be done off hours so as not to disrupt normal business. Plus, training can be provided to bring employees up to speed.

  • Remember, we're not a reseller partner to any hardware or software vendor. Some companies will tie a client to particular products because of their reseller partnerships with certain vendors, even if they know better solutions are available elsewhere. We believe this is a disservice to those clients who trust an IT company's expertise to deliver the proper solution.   

Software Install and Configurations