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Branch Office Integration
  • An increasing number of small businesses may have one or more Branch offices in different cities across a state, or the country. Invariably, the need arises for these multiple sites to communicate with other.

  • Some companies have entirely different network configurations from site to site each with their own separate software applications. This increases the IT cost due to the redundancy of products being used. In addition, the Branch office networks can't communicate with each other, or with the main office.  For example orders placed in one location, can't be viewed in another.

  • KaiTech can streamline the complexity of multiple Branch office locations and consolidate the network applications utilized in order to reduce IT cost and redundancy. We can integrate all locations so that interoffice communications and transactions within the organization can be seen by each other.
Remote Access
  • The need for corporate employees to have 24/7 access to company resources is a growing need among all businesses, big and small.

  • Mobile work forces, such as sales associates, telecommuters, etc., must have access to the company network while they're physically out of the office. Executives on business trips still need to have communication with the office while away.

  • But how can this be accomplished in a cost effective manner? In addition, security becomes a big issue. The corporate network has to be protected from unauthorized personnel. 

  • KaiTech has years of high level expertise in providing secure and cost effective Remote Access solutions to small businesses using the latest technologies. 
Remote Access and Branch Office Integration