Electronic Records and System Conversions

  • With office space at a premium in most locations, SMBs are faced with the daunting task of ever shrinking real estate to store the mounds of paper generated within the office. In some industries, the law requires records to be kept for a certain number of years. Eventually the company runs out of room for file cabinets and decides to store the documents “off-site”. The problem arises when those records are needed again. They have to be retrieved “off-site”, which could take days, sometimes incurring an additional cost. 
  • In a Medical office, Electronic Records for patient charts and billing are now a government requirement. Those offices without it face possible penalties and reduced reimbursements for their services.

  • An office may have an antiquated Medical system that doesn’t handle electronic charting, invoicing and billing. When a patient requests copies of their medical chart, it may require Xeroxing sometimes hundreds of pages manually, taking resources away from patient care.

  • An office manager may be reluctant to switch to a newer system, thinking they would have to start from scratch because they lack the expertise to bring existing data over from the old system to the new one. 
Electronic Records and System Conversions
  • KaiTech Systems can provide the level of expertise required to move to a newer more efficient system. We have vast experience in Computer system conversions, as well as Electronic Record transformations. We can give SMB companies the knowledge, confidence and guidance to upgrade to the 21st Century, thereby achieving increased office efficiency, faster Insurance reimbursements, better patient billing turnaround, while also enabling more patients to be seen.
  • Let KaiTech Systems analyze and implement what’s needed to turn those mounds of paper into organized electronic records that can be retrieved securely in a matter of seconds, instead of days. Free up valuable office space that was previously used for file cabinets. A company could then access their corporate records no matter whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road. Your company would have total control of these electronic records, not a 3rd party "off-site" company.

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