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Computer Network Design - Architecture
  • KaiTech can design a custom solution from scratch or reconfigure your existing network architecture to better accommodate your current and future needs.

  • Recommend the best hardware and software available.  Since we don't have partner agreements with any vendors we're able to bring to our clients unbiased advise on what products to purchase and which ones to avoid.

  • KaiTech is constantly evaluating new technical products and services. This allows us to offer alternative options for increased business productivity and ROI. 
  • Corporate network security is more important than ever. Viruses and malware are becoming increasingly harder to detect and even more difficult to remove.

  • Having inadequate anti-virus software could cause private company information to be wiped out or even stolen. 

  • Servers and PCs that have not been updated with the latest OS and software patches makes things even easier for these activities to happen.

  • We believe in a layered approach to security. Fact is, there's not one anti-virus software product on the market that will detect everything 100% of the time. For example, one may be great at detecting and removing Trojans, but not rootkits.

  • KaiTech knows which anti-virus products compliment each other. This enables our clients to attain a well rounded  security plan.           
Computer Network Design - Architecture - Security